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Shipping Policies, Costs, and FAQ

Shipping is calculated by weight at checkout. Orders placed within the United States and Puerto Rico are shipped with the Postal Service (USPS) via Priority Mail. I have calculated shipping costs based on previous sales. I do use an outside source for shipping that provides discounted USPS costs for Priority Mail, which is 1-3 day shipping, insured, and tracked. Orders are typically processed for shipping ONCE A WEEK. I pack orders on Tuesdays and ship out on Wednesdays. There are times when dates will change. I do keep you updated on Instagram. The total estimated delivery time is 4-5 days for order fulfillment, shipping delays, inclement weather, and observed holidays. These situations may also further delay shipping. 

The cost of shipping also covers packaging expenses (about $1 - $2). I purchase boxes and envelopes to keep shipping costs low, which is why it is calculated by weight. However, I only have one rate for everyone in the United States, so shipping is calculated by furthest distance to cover costs. I also reuse packaging I have received that includes boxes, bubble wrap, toilet paper (not used), or other packaging materials that may aid in the perfect packaging for your order. I do not believe in being wasteful so I attempt to reuse whatever I can within reason. I do use biodegradable plastic bags but there are some Zip-Locks still in circulation. I ask you to please reuse and recycle.

I apologize if your order was best packaged in an Amazon or Chewy box (I have cats). These are usually used in larger orders that do not fit well in a flat rate or Regional A boxes. There are times when your order would be best packaged in a flat rate box, which I do not know until I am packaging your orders or when combining orders. I do not like to charge based on flat rate boxes because I can usually get shipping costs cheaper for most orders. Combine with packaging and it's a decent price. Otherwise, it'd be crazy high.

If you place multiple orders and pay shipping for each before one goes out, I will combine them. If it turns out to be cheaper (as in most cases), I will contact you and offer to use that cost toward your next order or reimburse you the difference. I do not just say this. I refund on a regular basis to be fair.

Also, shipments may be slightly slower to go out after live sales because there is a lot (which is great!). To speed up the process, I created these shipping estimates to allow you to get orders paid so I can focus on getting them out quickly to you. Just know that I am dedicated to finding the cheapest cost for you AND the least processing time for me because I can spend a ton of time processing your orders to make them just right. So, please bear with me as I continue to learn, grow, and perfect the process.

I ship out pretty quickly unless I'm out of town (Gem & Mineral Shows, hiking, etc), or have to put school first (I am in a Ph.D. program), so if you have an issue or want to hold an order you already paid shipping on, you will need to reach out to me ASAP! Sometimes orders are processed within an hour or so of payment, so do not hesitate to reach out if there is an issue. Email me at, message me on IG @mother.natures.medicine, on the website, or Wix app (Invite code is HQQTTF).

International Shipping

I do offer shipping to Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico (gets Priority Shipping Rates), and the United Kingdom. I am slowly opening up International Locations. Shipping times range from 1 - 3+ weeks after processing time. I recommend building a box to make it worth it. Prices are listed below. I am still fairly new to international shipping but have yet to have a problem. If you have problems here on the website feel free to contact me. If I don't offer to ship to your country yet, it doesn't mean to will not. Just ask.


As with all orders, I do my best to avoid additional costs but sometimes that cannot be avoided. Duty or customs charges may be applied by your country of origin. These fees may occur for a number of reasons that are out of my control. Know that you, the consumer, are responsible for these charges, not MNM. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. I do ask that if this does happen to you, please inform me so that I can look into any possible changes on my end to attempt to avoid this in the future. Thank you. 

Domestic Shipping Rates within the United States

U.S. shipping tends to fluctuate lately. I have already had to change rates as weight goes up. Prices are subject to change. These are current shipping costs as of 5/27/21. Please note that prices rise with each additional pound. The website is set up for orders over 9lbs.


**UPDATE: As of 8/15/21, I now offer shipping to Japan.


**UPDATE: As of 10/27/21 domestic shipping costs will be increasing slightly due to USPS prices changing and my need to protect YOUR crystal babies! Priority shipping covers up to $100 and nothing more. After USPS losing a $600 package that I neglectfully did not put extra insurance on, I will no longer skip additional insurance on all orders over $100. It is a few dollars at most and totally worth it. This change has cost me money and I find it unprofessional to ask someone to pay more for shipping after they have paid for their order. So, I am changing the prices to cover additional insurance. If your order is not over $100, please be assured that I WILL reimburse you the difference OR you can request a random goodie thrown in your box. Just make a comment at checkout. I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes you. I wish there was a way to figure it in automatically but there is not. I am leaving the original shipping costs below as reference.


United States:

        8 oz. and under: $6

        8 oz. - 1 lbs.: $9

        1 - 1.5 lbs.: $11

        1.5 - 2 lbs.: $13

        2 - 3 lbs.: $14

        3 - 4 lbs.: $15

        4 lbs. and over: $19

New Holiday Shipping Rates with additional Insurance:

        8 oz. and under: $6

        8 oz. - 1 lbs.: $10

        1 - 1.5 lbs.: $13

        1.5 - 2 lbs.: $14

        2 - 3 lbs.: $15

        3 - 4 lbs.: $16

        4 - 5 lbs.: $19

        5 - 6 lbs.: $22

        6 - 7 lbs.: $24

        7 - 8 lbs.: $29

International Shipping Rates


Rates below are based on First Class International Shipping (3+ weeks after processing). Expedited Shipping Rates are available at checkout. I currently offer UPS and DHL with delivery times between 2-4 days after processing. Not all services are offered in each country.


        8 oz. and under: $20

        8 oz. - 2lbs.: $31

        2 - 3lbs.: $48

        3 - 4lbs.: $65

        4 - 5lbs.: $77


        8 oz. and under: $16

        8 oz. - 2.5 lbs.: $22

        2.5 - 3.5 lbs.: $34

        3.5 - 4.5 lbs.: $45

        4.5 - 5.5 lbs.: $55


        8 oz. and under: $18

        8 oz. - 2lbs.: $29

        2 - 3lbs.: $46

        3 - 4lbs.: $63

        4 - 5lbs.: $66


        2lbs. and under: $29

        2 - 3lbs.: $45

        3 - 4lbs.: $61

        4 - 5lbs.: $72


        8 oz. and under: $16

        8 oz. - 2lbs.: $29

        2 - 3lbs.: $46

        3 - 4lbs.: $63

        4 - 5lbs.: $66

Puerto Rico: 

        8 oz. and under: $11

        8 oz. - 2lbs.: $14

        2 - 3lbs.: $19

        3 - 4lbs.: $21

        4 - 5lbs.: $24

United Kingdom: 

        8 oz. and under: $18 

        8 oz. - 2lbs.: $28

        2 - 3lbs.: $43

        3 - 4lbs.: $57

        4 - 5lbs.: $76


Holding and Combining Orders

I do allow you to hold your order and build-a-box to save on shipping. Use coupon code HOLDORDER at checkout. At this current moment, there is no limitation on how long I can hold your order. However, you are required to pay for each order in advance and shipping will be calculated once you are ready to have everything shipped out. Note that any refund on shipping is at my discretion. If you pay for shipping and then decide to hold your order, I can apply that cost to your final shipping or refund shipping until your orders are shipped out.

Tracking My Package

Tracking numbers are added to your order as soon as the label has been printed. Typically, packages are shipped out the day after the label has been printed and tracking updated on your order on the website or PayPal invoice if invoiced via PayPal. Make sure to check your spam folder if you have not received the email with the updated tracking number or simply log into your account on the website to view your order progress.

Hold Order Fulfillment – Did You Get My Order?

Orders that have been held and paid for will not be marked as fulfilled until they are shipped out. Once the order is received, I do pull the items and set them aside for you. Keeping them marked as unfulfilled on the website is an easy way for me to know what is being held for you and what has not gone out. Do not worry as those paid items are removed from availability on the website and marked Out of Stock.

Lost Packages

Once items are shipped out, there is very little I can do to help you if your package is marked delivered but not at your door or at your P.O. Box. Please contact your local Post Office for help in resolving the issue.  

Return to Sender

If your package is returned due to a mistake on my end, I will cover shipping. Yes, it’s happened. However, if a package is returned due to a mistake on your end, you will be required to pay for shipping again.

Returns, Exchanges, and Damaged Items

I’m so sorry if you receive broken crystals or other items. If this happens to you, take a photo of the damaged pieces and if it looks like damage occurred in transit, please take photos of the box/packaging, and whatever else may be helpful in identifying what happened to the items. Then email or message the photos, description of the damage, and your order number so I can resolve the issue. I will issue a refund for the damaged or destroyed items, but I need the photos to submit insurance claims with the carrier (if that is the case). If I have a replacement available, I can send you one in lieu of a refund, if you prefer. If I ask for the item to be returned, I will email you a return label that you can affix to the box so it can be dropped off at your local post office or left with your carrier. Note: replacement items may be shipped out with your next order, but this will be confirmed with you before doing so. I do not assume everyone will purchase again nor do I want it to appear that I am forcing you to purchase again.

Don’t Like What You Received?

I do my best to take the most accurate photographs and videos of the minerals and crystals. I also do my best to catch mislabeled items and inspect each item that comes into the shop for accuracy. With that said, I understand these things can happen and for that, I am truly sorry. I am only human. This is also why I provide several photos and videos to represent each item so that you may make an informed decision. If your order arrives safely but you are not happy with your order, please contact me immediately. I will accept returns up to 14 days from the day the package was delivered. I will issue a store credit on items returned and received in the same condition as they were shipped from me. You will be responsible for shipping charges to return the items to me. Once the item has been received in good condition, I will issue a store credit.

This Wasn’t In My Order

If you receive something that you did not order, chances are it is a free gift. However, if you are sure that you received something in error, please email or message me with a description of the item and pictures so I can resolve the issue.

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