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No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

These are subscription plans to donate to Piper’s Cat Sanctuary, a group of 15+ community cats. Your donations will provide food, shelter, spay/neuter assistance, monthly flea and ear mite treatment, microchips, and vaccines including Rabies, FeLv, and FVRCP.


Costs are as follows:

Female Spay w/microchip: $93

Male Spay w/microchip: $68

6 Months of Flea/Ear Mite Treatment: $110

Wellness Vet Visit: $40

Rabies, FeLv, & FVRCP Vaccines: $60

Food: Around $85 a month 

Ongoing development of cat cubbies and winter shelters. We recently spent around $180  on two igloo coolers, several moving blankets, foam board, and replacement bulb for one heat lamp. 


You may be wondering why these community cats will be microchipped. Well, they are very friendly and will be looked after by us. Ear mites are very contagious so simply treating the mites once is not enough with so many cats. We plan to keep them on monthly flea treatment that includes controlling ear mites and worms. This treatment requires a prescription and due to them being outside kitties that roam the area (mostly our backyard), we are choosing to microchip them so if they are caught due to injury or someone wanting to adopt them they are not double dosed. Over dosing can lead to severe sickness and death. We would rather avoid this. So, we track them and also keep the neighborhood up to date on the Nextdoor app. Would love to do one year of treatment but they don’t do one year. Hoping to one day work with a vet who can come to the house and see them for ongoing treatment.



As a thank you for all those who donate, Mother Nature’s Medicine is providing giveaways each month. Only two entries (max) are allowed for the crystal drawing per person. The two highest tiers (Lemurian & Dioptase) will have the option of claiming the giveaway item or a store credit e-gift card of the same amount as the item chosen. 



Pyrite: $10 = 1 crystal entry 

Rutile: $20 = 2 crystal entries

Lemurian: $50 = 2 crystal entries + one entry for a one-on-one session of choice

Dioptase: $100 = 2 crystal entries + two entries for a one-on-one session of choice



Lemurian & Dioptase also include a separate giveaway for a 60 minute one-on-one or integrative session of their choice. The session can include crystal consultation, tarot readings, guided imagery, Ayurvedic Medicine and body composition based on the doshas, supplement recommendation, color therapy & the chakras, life/health & wellness coaching, and as I am a licensed therapist…it’s impossible to separate the counselor from who I am, so all sessions have a bit of my therapeutic spice. Depending on the person’s needs there may be a lot of education and evaluation, more listening than teaching, and/or goal setting. Each session is tailored to the client. These are all options when meeting with me.


Sessions will be scheduled based on availability. At this time, there is no expiration to their use. They may also be gifted to other persons.



Please note that winners will be required to pay for shipping costs since this is a donation giveaway. You may also choose to hold your winning item and combine with your next order to save on shipping costs. 



There are two plans ($50 and $100) for one time donations. Please note that using this option will forfeit your MONTHLY entries. Instead, for every $10 donated, you will be entered to win a large ticket item (crystal) or e-gift card of equal value to be announced the first week of January 2023. The crystal chosen will be 20% of the total one-time donations made within the year by everyone.


Although these plans indicate that they are good for one year, it means they are good for this year's giveaway. These yearly plans cannot be cancelled by you. We will officially cancel these plans after the yearly giveaway to be taken place at the beginning of next year. They will remain active throughout the year so we can track how many entries you will receive at giveaway time. You may make as many One-Time Donations as you would like. Just know that it means you technically purchase a yearly plan each time. It’s just a formality. We understand it may be confusing to call a donation a plan but it’s for ease of tracking. You will not be billed again. This is NOT a reoccurring payment. You may purchase as many yearly one-time payment plans (aka donations) as you’d like throughout the year. For every $10 you donate, you will be given one entry for the yearly giveaway. 



For One-Time Payment/Donations we ask that you pay with Manual Payments so we can still track your donations through the website but skip processing fees. Payments can then be made via Venmo (@PiperMNM) or Zelle ( Additional info on Manual Payments can be found under the Shop Tab in the Main Menu. 


For Monthly Payments/Donations we are unsure if monthly plans can also be paid via Manual Payments or if you get a monthly reminder. We will update this as we get clarity. We hope you can use Manual Payments to skip any fees but for ease of access you are not obligated to use this feature for monthly plans. If it does allow you to use Manual Payments, you will be required to make a payments via Venmo or Zelle each month to be qualified for the giveaways. 



Winners will be announced via Email the first week of each month. One-time donators will also be recognized in the monthly email.

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