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Welcome, Mother Nature's Medicine Members (a fancy way of saying that you have a log-in to the website). I wanted a place where everyone can come together and share their experiences, purchases, and the in-between with others who have joined the community (does this mean we need a code name or handshake now?). Sure there are other social media outlets like Instagram or Facebook, but IG does not allow you to see each other's photos that I so happily receive, and FB is pretty confusing, not to mention hard to navigate these days and allows others to steal your data. With the recent dropout of both platforms, I feel it's necessary to have an alternative place we can connect with each other. What better place than here?! Members pages also include a forum (like FB groups), a blog, and a Gallery (like IG). You can explore them right here or on the Spaces app by Wix. The code to join is HQQTTF

Please know that your photos here are kept private within the MNM community. I ask that you remain respectful, have fun, post appropriately and within reason. Photos can include any crystals, the shared love of leaf jute (the twine I wrap the crystals with that cats love), small humans stealing crystals, and so much more. This is also a place to post motivational, uplifting, spiritual growth, or emotional acknowledgment posts. You may also choose to post for some support, ask question, share knowledge, or request certain crystals and minerals. 

This community is so much more than just crystals. This is a place you can be yourself and feel safe. It is a place you can grow and learn. Share. Laugh. Smile. Find your Zen. Be Yourself, sassy or classy. Just don't be a dick. Thank you.

- Piper -

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