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Manual Payments

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You might be wondering, "what the heck are manual payments?" Well, they are a way to send money quickly via Zelle and Venmo. When you are ready to checkout you would choose the option to CHECKOUT, rather than Paypal or Apple Pay. You will then fill out the purchase form and under Payment you will choose MANUAL PAYMENT. It will pop up the information on this page as a reminder. After that, you can complete your transaction as if you paid. Then you will follow the directions below for which option you choose to send your payment. Bam. Pretty simple.

Why Use Manual Payment

I ask you to consider using these options if you are not in need of payment services such as Sezzle or PayPal's Pay in 4. Manual Payments mean that once you complete your order and agree to pay using Zelle or Venmo you will then follow the direction below to send your payment for your order. This option keeps me from additional fees, allowing me to continue giving you great deals. By including these as an options on the website, I hope it give you a bit more security, a paper trail if you will, as it offers you an invoice here to be used in conjunction with the payment of choice. I assure you that honesty and integrity are of the utmost importance to me, as is your happiness with your order, experience, and interaction with myself and my small business. You are in no way pressured to use this service, especially if you are unsure of the use of these options. Just know that with Zelle, you have the security of your bank on your side. Venmo is backed by PayPal but without all the fees.


Payments with Zelle

Some banks may require you to set up an account on a desktop but many have updated their apps to allow the ease of use in their apps. To use it once activated, you must add as a recipient. It will ask you if the name of the contact you are sending to is Jennifer. Yes, that's me. Piper is my last name. Next, add the total given to you from your order on the website and send. Funds will be delivered directly from you to me.


Payments with Venmo

As with Zelle, you can also use Venmo on desktop or the app, but you must have an account. With Venmo, you can link credit cards, debit cards, or your bank account. It's similar to PayPal in that sense but it is different. It's an app used to easily share money from friend to friend so writing comments that state "payment" or "order" are commonly flagged and may be rejected. It's recommended to use fun emojis or a brief comment like "pretty crystals" or anything of the such. I will know you have ordered from the website. Just be sure to leave your Venmo handle in the comment section of your order if it doesn't match what is on file here. If I am unsure, I will reach out to you to confirm your order. Payments on Venmo are sent to @PiperMNM You can't miss me with a photo of me with bright orange and green hair!


Order Confirmation & Shipping

Once I receive the order and payment confirmation, your order will be put in que to be packed and shipped. As with all orders, once the order is fulfilled, you will receive an email with confirmation of fulfillment and a tracking number.


Further Questions

The links provided will help you if you have further questions about each services but you can always reach out and ask me. I am best reached on Instagram @mother.natures.medicine.


Thank you.

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