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If you are a healer, caregiver, or learner who struggles to care for yourself, seeks or are super curious about alternative methods to healing, or love and are distracted by and drawn to beautiful, shiny, sparkly things...this is your place. Welcome to the community!

Hey, who said growing or healing has to be so serious? Let's be realistic, insight, intuition, and learning are important. It allows us to increase consciousness and live life much more fully but embracing your silly side is also super therapeutic, cathartic, and!

If you are looking for a place that acknowledges everyone perceives and receives life, love, and crystals differently, loves all things from nature, and allows you to be your authentic self, super quirky, weird, or otherwise...this is your place. So, take a look around. Check out the Garden of Crystals (the shop) and jump over to Instagram where the good stuff is. 




Instagram is Where It's At!

Suggestions, Feedback, or Requests?

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